Behind every well-functioning organization is a strong administrative structure. At The Schuster Family Transplantation Research Center (TRC), several key areas work cooperatively to share responsibility for the day-to-day operations as well as the long-range success of the Center.

Administrative services are provided by a team consisting of Center Administrators, Managers, and a Business Analyst.  At each of our facilities, whether located at Brigham and Women’s Hospital or Children’s Hospital Boston, one of our staff professionals will assist you. 

Major elements of the broad spectrum of services that TRC administrative staff provide include:

• Grant Funding (Industry, Federal, Foundation, and Private):  Whether you need to transfer a grant to our institution or submit grants, our staff will work with you.  From submission development to award to financial close out, every aspect of the grant funding process is supported by experienced personnel.

• Research Operations:  Ensures that TRC’s research infrastructure needs are met on both a daily and long-term strategic basis.  In addition, staff ensure that research goals are met through acquisition and upkeep of key analytical instrumentation and that the Center stays abreast of technological developments. In addition, we ensure that TRC complies with the wide variety of regulations promulgated by our host institutions, as well as governmental and outside agencies.

• International Services:  At both our sites, we have capable staff able to effectively streamline the visa process.  We will assist you in getting the documents completed, filed and processed. 

We know it takes teamwork for a successful center so we look forward to working for you and with you to assure your time is spent focused on the science of your research and not administrative details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us.  

TRC Administrative Staff:

Tara Johnston, MPH - Center Administrator                         Yumna Maalouf, MPH - Administrator
Arifa Kapadia, MS – Manager, Nephrology Division                Louis Donato - Business Analyst
Sarah DeRosa - Administrative Coordinator                          Andrew Ritchie - Operations Manager                             
Evelyn Ramirez - Administrative Coordinator                        Zeina Chaptini- Lab Manager

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