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The Schuster Family Transplantation Research Center (TRC) is a multifaceted group of clinicians and investigators that strives to dramatically improve outcomes for recipients of transplanted organs.  Formed in 2003 as a result of a generous gift from the Schuster family, the TRC set an ambitious agenda that has already yielded tangible results.


   We emphasize the importance of translational research, starting in the clinic with recognition of the life-long challenges that recipients face - before, during and after transplant surgery.  In the laboratory, researchers probe complex processes such as allorecognition and rejection, improvements in surgical technique and drug development. This bedside-to-bench philosophy lies at the core of the Center’s values.


   To achieve our goals, we depend upon effective deployment of a multidisciplinary team.  The synergistic interactions of physicians and basic researchers from a wide range of specialties and world-renowned teaching hospitals place us in a unique position to spearhead crucial advances in transplantation medicine.


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